From Golda Meir to Fashion Ave

If Golda Meir, Israel's first female prime minister (and back in the 70ies one of the first women in charge of office around the world) had been asked about Israeli innovation in the business of fashion, it would have certainly not been a topic high up on her priority list.

Luckily, times have changed and after four highly successful Tel Aviv Fashion Weeks since 2011, featuring compelling Israeli fashion designers as well as shows from international guests such as Roberto Cavalli, Moschino and Missoni, Israel, while still taking baby steps, is slowly but surely begining to mark her spot on the Global Fashion Map.

For us as tech and fashion publicists the next natural step is to be involved in the digitalization of the business of fashion. Luckily we are being assisted by a wide range of talented entrepreneurs from the Israeli Fash&Tech scene such as Wishi,Awear Solutions or Buoy Up. They develop original B2B2C solutions, to personalize the online shopping experience, make it more tailor-made, addressing the specific and various needs of customers tired of spending too much time and money online for buying clothing and accessories that won’t even fit. What fascinates us is that although Israel hasn’t been the global trendsetter in e-commerce platforms, the startups we work with still come up with timely and useful ideas, which will influence the way brands interact with customers, empower them and thus change the digital fashion business.

The next step will be to see who our Fash&Tech entrepreneurs will end up doing business with – European companies and brands or rather US ones? While my current NY trip is coming to an end, I’m curious to see if traditional European fashion houses and retailers will be as open and receptive to trying out new technologies as the American ones have been. Here is a chance for the European players in the fashion business to show that they are able to keep up with the times. To be continued.

Viktoria Kanar

Founder at GeekChicTLV - Center for Fashion Entrepreneurship in Israel